For A Better-Looking Tomorrow

Being a college student I can’t afford being sick. Getting behind on class and work is just not an option, so NyQuil is just a must in my college survival kit. Even though plenty of over the counter medicines are available, this one keeps me alive. Their awesome new ads also make it an easy choice.

Whoever decided to show the truth about a night on NyQuil is a genius. We all know that the power of NyQuil is to knock you out so you can sleep, but no one ever said it had to be pretty. So why not show the truth in all its glory? All the open mouth sleeping, tissue grasping and messy hair make this ad an A in my book.

I mean who doesn’t want a better looking tomorrow?

  1. This is very attractive to the college students’ eye. I couldn’t agree more – as long as NyQuil does its job – then who cares what you look like during the over-night process. The truth only matters when you wake up feeling ready to take on the day and looking good while doing it.

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