Edy’s Yogurt Blends

I chose this ad because I am a huge fan of ice cream.  Not really a healthy obsession but I can’t help it.  Ironically, I do not like yogurt.  So, why did I choose this ad? 

I figured that maybe I could justify my unhealthy obsession if it had some kind of healthy element to it.  Yogurt is good for you, right?  I decided to give it a try when I was at my friends house one day this summer and she offered me a bowl of ice cream.  Immediately I jumped at the oppurtunity.   When she took it out of the freezer and I saw the word “Yogurt” on it, I cringed.  I couldn’t say, “No!”, “I changed my mind!”, and especially not “Ew!”, because she was about to eat some too.  So I had to suck it up and try it.  To my suprise, it was amazing.  It tasted just like ice cream to me.  It was just smoother and more like a soft-serve ice cream. 

Now, I’m obsessed.  But, I’m happy to say its a healthier obsession, even healthier than just plain yogurt.  The advertisement states that it has less sugar and fewer calories.  Now I can enjoy my ice cream even more. 

The ad really stood out to me as I was flipping through several magazines trying to find something I’ve bought before.  I was obviously attracted to the ice cream itself and as I continued reading I noticed it was the “Yogurt Blends”.  I think the ad was effective because not only is it advertising ice cream but its colorful and had a creative way of comparing it to yogurt.

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