Clinique Even Better Skin Tone Corrector: Not Just For Women.

All  my life, well since I was a teenager, I’ve wanted clear, beautiful skin. You know this type of skin. It’s the type models, actors and a few lucky everyday people have. Due to past breakouts as a teenager and as an adult, my skin is blotchy and uneven. The uneven skin tone is also because of sun damage, age and environmental aggressors. When I came across this ad in a magazine my mind began to wonder. Is it really possible to “erase” sun damage, age damage, and acne scarring? Because I often live my life in a postive manner and believe most things are possible, I dreamed of this happening. I just knew I had to buy the product.

So as soon as I could justify paying 39.50 for 1 fl. oz. of serum, I hopped online and ordered it. I also received free shipping and a mini high-impact mascara in black; which I gave to my mother! Anyway, as soon as the shipment arrived I opened it with all of my glory. I was really excited. After reading reviews online the product seemed to work for about 90% of the women who used it. Yes, I said women. I noticed when I read the reviews that not a single one was from a man. I couldn’t be the only man in all of the United States to use this product, could I? Probably not! But men are very unlikely to write a review for a beauty product, am I right?

To finish my story, I was slightly dissappointed that the little mini brochure tucked inside the beautiful green box said it takes 4 to 6 weeks for results when used twice a day. Four to six weeks? At first that seemed like a long time and a lot of work, but then I remembered good things come to those who are patient and work hard. I have been using the product for five days now and I have noticed a slight change in the overall tone of my skin, or that could just be my imagination!

The advertisement was effective for me because Clinque has a way of making their point with descriptive phrases and images. The font of their ads have always had an effect on me as well. The font gives me feelings of refinement, class and dependability. You know that Clinique will never let you down. What other beauty company is known for having all their products Allergy Tested and 100% Fragrance Free? What it all comes down to in this ad is simplicity. It shows the product, it has one line describing what the product does, and then it names the product. Finally, what makes this ad really great is the cute little rectangular eraser on one side of the product and a white pencil with the replacement eraser on the other. This imagery connects the word “erasing” in the ad to the product they are trying to sell. It’s genius!

I have always enjoyed the way Clinique advertises, and this particular ad is no different. Not to mention that this ad may have led me to a future of beautiful even-toned skin. We’ll know in four to six weeks.

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