Bose Noise Reduction Headphones

Whether I’m at home or on the go, I am constantly listening to music. However, the simple Apple earbuds that I received with my iPod just weren’t up to par with my standards of quality. Being the audiophile (i.e. intensely into the quality of the audio output of whatever I may be listening to) I am, I was looking to upgrade.

I recently found this humorous advertisement in an issue of Alternative Press. The average consumer is most likely not aware of the quality of the various companies in the audio market, but I felt that this advertisement was a clever way for Bose to display the capabilities of their noise canceling headphones. The ad is successful in presenting the company and product name along with the product’s intended use, but it is not incredibly informative. Price ranges, availability or at least a web address would help tremendously, but the humorous situation of the supposed capability of their headphones in use helps establish the brand in the viewer’s mind.

With such advances in technology, headphones have essentially become a high-involvement purchase. I loved the quality and affordability of my Bose desktop speakers, but the advertisement inspired me as well to check out Bose’s selection first when I went to the store to investigate options. The unique Bose display at Best Buy immediately grabbed my attention with a clearly visible logo and station that was stylistically different from Best Buy’s typical sales presentations. Each style of headphone had a pair displayed for trial and a small sign with vital information.

Unfortunately, I found out why the ad was so simplistic in withholding pricing information. I was quite impressed with their product line, and I surely would’ve taken the Bose headphones over my actual choice if money was no object. However, I am a college student and I simply cannot justify spending $250 on headphones. Considering that I purchased my Sony noise canceling headphones at 1/5 of the price of Bose’s lowest-priced option, it would seem that advertisement is not the biggest issue in Bose’s sales plan.

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