The Canon PowerShot Hit the Target

I was recently on the search for a new digital camera. I needed the camera to be durable, to come with advanced features and to be able to fit in my back pocket, purse or clutch. It was hard to narrow down my search due to the large number of cameras available. After two trips to Best Buy and spending hours browsing online, I ended up buying the Canon PowerShot SD1100 IS Digital ELPH (quite a mouth full).

Besides the never-ending;math equation; word vomit-like name, I am happy with my choice. I came across this ad in a magazine after my purchase, but if I would have seen it prior, it would have simply reassured my already-made decision. This ad is visual-simple. It’s an ad for a camera. It fosters a traditional strategy – to list product features that appeal to the target audience.  Now to figure out what brand or type of camera it is, requires more reading.

Since I was looking for a digital camera and had a list of criteria that I wanted my new camera to have, this ad does appeal to me. If I was not in the IDASMCWIWOON (I dropped and smashed my camera when I was out one night) phase, I probably would have kept flipping through the magazine without giving this ad the time-of-day it wants.

However, this ad is attractive to me because it fit like a glove for what I was looking for: refined and new; vivid and brilliant with advanced technology; slim to fit in my back pocket. I also like how the text and visuals did not scream the brand. I bought the camera because it catered to my needs and because Consumer Reports rated it highly, not because it was a Canon. I am not a camera expert; therefore, the brand did not effect my decision. The description under the red camera, ” The ultra-slim, ultra-stylish Canon PowerShot SD1100 in 5 luxurious colors” is a relevant pin-point description for the interested/active consumers: People want a small camera that appears cool to the touch and can be ranked as the ultimate image-maker. After all of the time and research I put into looking for the perfect digital camera that fit my every need, I realized the most important part and fundamental purpose of a camera is to capture stunning photos and this Canon certainly does.

  1. As someone who had to buy a camera for a class in the fall, I can say that yeah, it’s a weird process when you’re shopping for a professional-quality one. Anything that leads somebody in the right direction for that sort of thing is definitely useful.

    Never had a IDASMCWIWOON phase myself.

  2. I’ve admired Canon for a long while. A few years ago I think that as a company it had gone off the boil. For a short time the company’s eye for particularly camcorder design wasn’t what it used to be and IME, the standard of Canon’s camcorder goods went downhill. HAVING SAID THAT, today I think they have become the best although they aren’t the cheapest camcorders.

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